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  1. So excited to spend some quality time in Protection with alumni. I look forward to this every 5 years. So appreciate the hard work of the PHS Alumni Committee and all the home town folks that make this possible.

  2. Hello,
    I registered Cliff and I under two separate transactions. Just making sure both went through correctly.

    Excited to see everyone!

    Kelly Long

  3. I’m so excited to see the Class of ’77, plus all the upper and lower classmates & teachers.
    Thanks again to the Alumni Committee for putting this all together.


  4. Excited to see everyone again! Would love to see a coed softball game/tournament at one of these reunions. Jodi Beck had the idea and I love it! It may be too late for this one but just “throwing” that out there. Thanks for all the committee’s hard work!

    Mitzi (Norton) Forbes

    1. Great, we will see you there! If you notice on the back side of your invitation we have scheduled a corn hole tournament that will be held Saturday evening starting at 8pm in the city park. We hope everyone finds this fun as it is something new we are trying this time. Registration will be held the day of, so watch for that table to get your team signed up. Thanks again, and we will see you in May!!

  5. It’s hard to believe that the Class of 1974 graduated 48 years ago! And even crazier that in all those years, I’ve attended Alumni only one other time! But being on call, 24/7 and Alumni being a holiday weekend made it difficult. With retiring, I’m so glad to be coming and looking forward to seeing many friends!

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